Black women are not animals. We are not exhibits. Our bodies do not exist for your entertainment or your curiosity. Our bodies are worthy of autonomy and respect. Our hair is NEVER yours to touch, defile, question, gaze upon, or eroticize.

from the consent rally!

we should always remember the ways that devaluing of consent and self-entitlement to other’s bodies IS RAPE CULTURE


You should’ve been cured of such behaviour in prep, whites and/or males

I can’t gaze at a black woman’s hair? Gosh i’m going to have a hard time never staring at any black woman’s hair.

This is a really assy, point-missing response. Can you not?

I’m cool with what it’s advocating. I find it hilarious that one shouldn’t gaze upon a black woman’s hair. Dumb thing to say when seeking security in their sexuality.

Side note I wonder if bald black men suffer this plight.

The hell are you babbling about, dude? This is about bodily autonomy, not “seeking security in their sexuality,” and I thought it was pretty obvious that “don’t gaze upon” was a bit closer to “don’t gawk like a fucking creeper” than “don’t let your eyes rest on the crown of her head for a milisecond.”

You’re really not helping your case here.

Simmer down, sheesh. 

I have no “case” here. I think it’s funny they chose the word gaze and I made my joke of it. Excuse me for saying sexual security an not using bodily autonomy (honest mistake) but i’ll go back to my joke making.

If a black woman is having a bad hair day; can I question it? 

Did you really just tell me to “simmer down”? Dude, I’m not even that pissed, I just think you’re embarrassing yourself.

You can stop trying to defend your dumbass comments with transparent bullshit about how “it’s just a joke”—and if you really want to make my day, you could always unfollow.

I’m not required to make your day but it’s cool as long as you don’t question or gaze upon anyone’s hair.

The fact that you won’t respect my space enough to unfollow when I ask you to, combined with your response to this post, suggests that you’re kind of a pathetic creep. Nice work.

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